About Me

I'm Silkina. I like to cook on Fridays.

Food is very personal to me. It's way beyond something that you eat. Food brings a smile to your face, it makes you happy, helps you through difficult times, brings people together and of course, it's delicious!

In this blog, I share original and some not so original recipes. Regardless, I hope you find one that will make your friends, family and/or lover happy!


  1. Haha aw Ginny, we need to catch up! :)

  2. Just watched you on ntv 7 bella show and you look gorgeous ! Not interested in baking, but after watching you bake the pizookie, I want to try it immediately ! xoxo

    1. You're sweet! Thanks for stopping by and yes you must try the Pizookie:) you will love! xo